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Creation of an Appointment Letter

This video covers Creation of Appointment Letter in detail. It discusses all of the elements that HRs must remember when preparing this document.

Learning objectives

✅List the different agreements practiced in organizations
✅Discuss the use of Appointment Letter
✅Explain and argue the contents of Appointment Letter
✅Create an Appointment Letter


⌛The agreements practiced in organization: 00:04:11
⌛What is an Appointment Letter: 00:09:30
⌛Importance of Appointment Letter: 00:20:17
⌛Components of Appointment Letter: 00:23:55
⌛Debrief of activity on Creating Appointment Letter: 1:16:00


⭐There are multiple forms of agreements used in organizations
⭐Appointment letter differs from Offer Letter as it is a legal document
⭐Different organizations have different styles of using these letters depending on the specific needs and requirements
⭐Appointment letter contains brief statements for every clause, but the Employee Handbook contains the details. Thus they both are different.



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