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  1. Lesson
  2. Creating an Employee Handbook 1
  3. Creating an Employee Handbook 2
  4. How to create a pulse survey in an organisation
  5. How to create an employment bond
  6. Creating a training plan 1
  7. Creating a training plan 2
  8. Creating a training plan 3
  9. Designing Performance Improvement Plan in organizations
  10. Creating a Performance Appraisal Form
  11. Designing Interview Evaluation Sheet
  12. Workload Analysis
  13. Pulse Surveys in Organisations
  14. Stay Interviews in an Organisation
  15. Employee Engagement Surveys
  16. Five Engagement Activities to Run Virtually
  17. Handling Employee Grievance
  18. Creating Exit Interview Form
  19. Creating a Manpower Requisition Form
  20. Calculating ROI for Training Intervention
  21. Creating TNA forms through Google forms and data analysis
  22. Designing a Kirkpatrick L1 Form
  23. Designing a Kirkpatrick L1 Form – part2
  24. Designing an L2 Kirkpatrick Form
  25. Designing a Full & Final Settlement Form
  26. Creation of an Appointment Letter
  27. Creating a Company Application Form
  28. Creating Background Verification Form
  29. Leave Management
  30. Creating an Offer Letter
  31. Employee Joining Form
  32. Vendor agreement – Training delivery
  33. Creating an Onboarding Checklist
  34. Background verification form
  35. HR Analytics – KPI & Metrics
  36. Masterclass - Creating KPIs
  37. Creating KPIs
  38. Creating exit interview questionnaire
  39. Creating an exit checklist
  40. Creating an Offer cum Appointment Letter
  41. Creating a training calendar for an organisation
  42. Glossary of must know HR terms
  43. Masterclass : Creating HR dashboard
  44. Masterclass : Applicant Tracking System
  45. Writing Job Descriptions
  46. Creating a Recruitment Tracker
  47. Creating an Appointment Letter
  48. Creating and implementing an Interview Evaluation Form
  49. Analysis of L2 Forms
  50. Games trainers play
  51. More Games Trainers Play
  52. Introduction to Kirkpatrick's L3 Tool - Resultslab
  53. More games trainers play virtually
  54. HR Affairs Quiz
  55. Designing a virtual onboarding process
  56. Creating a Non-Compete Agreement
  57. Designing a Reference check form for Background verification
  58. How to Hire a Training & Development Vendor
  59. HR Audit – 1
  60. HR Audit – 2
  61. HR Audit – 3
  62. HR Audit - 4

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Creation of an Appointment Letter

This video covers Creation of Appointment Letter in detail. It discusses all of the elements that HRs must remember when preparing this document.

Learning objectives

✅List the different agreements practiced in organizations
✅Discuss the use of Appointment Letter
✅Explain and argue the contents of Appointment Letter
✅Create an Appointment Letter


⌛The agreements practiced in organization: 00:04:11
⌛What is an Appointment Letter: 00:09:30
⌛Importance of Appointment Letter: 00:20:17
⌛Components of Appointment Letter: 00:23:55
⌛Debrief of activity on Creating Appointment Letter: 1:16:00


⭐There are multiple forms of agreements used in organizations
⭐Appointment letter differs from Offer Letter as it is a legal document
⭐Different organizations have different styles of using these letters depending on the specific needs and requirements
⭐Appointment letter contains brief statements for every clause, but the Employee Handbook contains the details. Thus they both are different.



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