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Leadership Styles

This video covers leadership styles. As the leaders face a plethora of challenges, they must become aware of the various leadership styles to handle the specific situations appropriately.

Learning objectives

✅List the factors affecting leadership style
✅Explain the Be-Know-Do model of leadership
✅Explain the Situational leadership Model and its four quadrants
✅Discuss and argue the use of Situational leadership model





⌛Factors affecting leadership styles: 00:00:00
⌛Elements required for effective performance of an employee: 00:25:38
⌛Circle of concern – circle of influence: 00:52:37
⌛Four styles of leadership: 00:54:16
⌛The four styles used in situations with different levels of Skill and Will: 1:02:45
⌛Conclusion: 1:41:36


⭐There are a variety of factors affecting leadership.
⭐Be-Know-Do Model of leadership
⭐Hershey Blanchard Model for Situational leadership
⭐Directive behaviour for leadership
⭐Supportive behaviour for leadership
⭐Leadership and the role of the HR department


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